Quality Policy

The focus of our business is and always will be the customer!

It is the policy of Talladega Foundry and Machine Co., Inc. to know our customers, understand their needs, and continuously meet and exceed their expectations with the castings, products, and services we provide.

Talladega Foundry & Machine Co., Inc. takes great pride in our quality department and that we ship quality castings to our customers. Our belief in a quality system of manufacturing is based on our mission to provide a level of quality that meets our customers needs and provides our customers with the best castings available.

Our quality control program begins with all incoming raw materials, continues throughout our manufacturing processes, and through each casting’s final inspection. Trained laboratory personnel closely monitor chemical and metallurgical analysis.

Talladega Foundry employs the latest technology in testing to meet or exceed ASTM standards. We supply castings to ISO 9000 customers and have been approved on numerous quality audits, meeting or exceeding supplier requirements. Talladega Foundry’s quality lab evaluates each ladle of iron. We use the latest in Spectrographic Analysis, Brinell Hardness Testing, and Magnaflux Inspection in order to assure that Talladega Foundry produces the highest quality castings. Statistical process control is used daily for data analysis and solving potential problems.

Emphasis is placed on our process controls through SPC charts in melting, molding and core making. Control charts are maintained in each department and in the quality lab throughout each shift.

* Company wide commitment to quality.
* TUV Certified
* TFM uses state of the art manufacturing and testing equipment.
* TFM strives to apply our ability to manufacture the highest level of quality castings.

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