Talladega Foundry and Machine Company, Inc. has been in the casting business for almost 100 years. Throughout the history of Talladega Foundry, our craftsmen have made castings of all shapes, sizes, and designs. 

Casting Range and Capacity

Talladega Foundry and Machine is unique among most foundries in that we have the ability to cast a range from one (1) ounce to five thousand (5000) pound castings. Our plant currently runs 1 shift per day. We have the capacity to pour more than thirty ( 30 ) tons per shift. Our commitment to quality and service is assured regardless the size of the project.

Talladega Foundry and Machine operations include: pattern shops, core making department, molding department, melting department, cleaning department, machining facilities, special finishing, and our quality control department. Talladega Foundry and Machine has a wide array of equipment to provide up to date technology in molding and core production.

Pattern Development and Production

One of Talladega Foundry and Machine Co., Inc. main assets is its pattern making capabilities. The Foundry employs some of the most skilled craftsmen in the industry in its pattern making facility. The patterns are crafted using the latest technology in wood, plastic, and aluminum. The development of patterns for the casting process begins with the drawings and specifications provided by the customer or from our in house engineering department and is then hand crafted in detail.

Quality patterns are the key to quality castings and over the years Talladega Foundry has a proven record of producing both.


Talladega Foundry and Machine produces both gray and ductile iron using two BBC IT-6P induction furnaces. Our Brown Boveri Coreless Induction Furnaces supply our foundry with more than thirty (30) tons per shift. We also have furnaces for melting aluminum and bronze.


Talladega Foundry and Machine Co., Inc. offers complete machining services. Our machining division renders design and engineering services combined with plating, assembling, and fabrication. The wide range from the most simple drilling, tapping machines to the most complex numerical control and conventional machining equipment available provides our customers with a complete package from castings to finished products.

Special Finishing

Talladega Foundry and Machine Company can provide any special finish specified. Talladega Foundry can supply these finishes to your castings:

  • Complete Heat Treating: Annealing, Stress Relieving, Normalizing, Oil Quench
  • Painting
  • Fabrication and Assembly

Talladega Foundry can replicate a casting in exact detail to match an existing piece or cast an original design. Standard products produced include: urns, furniture, bollards, lamp post, railing, grates, finials, and single architectural components.

Whether Talladega Foundry and Machine Company, Inc. is partnering with you to complete a restoration and renovation project or we are providing you with ornamental components, you will receive quality castings and quality workmanship with each individual piece. Talladega Foundry’s diversification as a metal and foundry job shop expands our ability to cast an array of castings. We take pride in every casting we produce and stand behind our performance.

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