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Talladega Foundry & Machine Company, Inc. is a full service jobbing foundry producing ductile and gray iron castings. Our production team specializes in castings ranging from 1 ounce to 5000 pounds and order runs from 1 piece to 5000 pieces monthly. TFM has capacity to pour more than 30 tons per shift. With Talladega Foundry’s diversification, we are as a single supplier for finished cast parts. Our staff is eager to help you condense the purchasing process into a single supplier.

Talladega Foundry’s operations include: pattern shop, core making department, molding department, melting department, cleaning department, machining facilities, special finishing, and a quality department.

Core Making

Nearly 1/3 of all castings made at Talladega Foundry start in the core room. Talladega Foundry’s Cores are made by the following methods:

a. Shell

b. No Bake (Airset)

c. Oil Sand

Cores are produced on the following equipment:

a. 1 Shalco U-180

b. 2 Shalco U-150

c. 2 Dependable 200 SA

d. 1 Dependable 400 SA

e. CE Cast CEL 600 no-bake system

f. Oil Sand Capabilities

Cast Alloys

Gray Iron & Ductile Iron
  • Iron melted with two 9 ton electric melt furnances with daily shift capacity of 60,000 pounds per shift
  • Aluminum melted with 3 gas fired tilt furnaces with 300 pound crucibles

Molding Equipment

Hunter 10

Flask size of 14×19 in service with an automatic mold handling system

Hunter 20 with a flask size of 20×24
  • Flask size of 20×24 in service with an automatic mold handling system
  • Mold depth of 6″ cope and 6″ drag 3161
Hunter 20 with a flask size
  • Flask size of 20×24 in service with an automatic mold handling system
  • Mold depth of 8″ cope and 8″ drag
Large Airset Molding
  • Floor Flask sizes ranging from 24×24 to 120×120
Airset Compaction Table and Roll-Over Loop
  • Flask sizes ranging from 18×18 to 52×52

Grinding Equipment

  • 5 – 30 HP Grinders with 30″x2″x12″ Wheels
  • 1 – 20 HP Belt Grinders
  • Misc. Grinders & Tools for Larger Castings
  • Wheelabrator 96″ Double Door Swing-Table
  • Wheelabrator 22 Cubic FootTumblast
  • Shotblast room 12’x20′


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