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The legacy of Talladega Foundry and Machine Co., Inc. spans almost a century of history. Since 1909, Talladega Foundry has been in continuous operation. The Foundry's designers, craftsmen and engineers have contributed their skills to the versatility and limitless range of castings which has made Talladega Foundry a leader in its field.

In its tenth decade Talladega Foundry and Machine continues to take considerable pride in the numerous projects, both large and small, it undertakes. We specialize in various cast alloys, including Gray Iron, Ductile Iron, and Aluminum.
Our quality control is second to none. All of our testing equipment conforms to ASTM standards and certification. Over the years Talladega Foundry's main goals have been to offer our customers value, quality and service. We are dedicated to these principles and welcome the opportunity to prove it to you.

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The Princess Urn.

Talladega Foundry is able to assist you in producing drawings and castings in iron and aluminum whether your requirements are for one of a kind or multiple piece castings. Our mission is to be of service to you.

For individuals as well as large construction companies, we have supplied decorative hand railing. We can provide the elements to help you complete your project or you can contract the complete project with us.
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  Architectural Components Through our experienced craftsman, we have the ability to create or recreate any ornamental object in iron or aluminum. With our technical skills, knowledge, and production versatility, we can produce original castings based on architects's drawings, as well as, replicate any existing object...
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